This is the online portfolio from Tabea Kowalski, an industrial designer based in Zürich, Switzerland.
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The swim aid for young mothers and their infants.
Project in cooperation with Helbling Technik
ZHdK, 4 weeks 2015
Instructors: Sandra Kaufmann, Roland Eberle
Briefing: A product for everyday use to stimulate exercise and to lower health risk.

“Lillebo” was designed with young mothers and their babies in mind. While doctors and midwives commonly advise gentle aquatic exercise for both after birth, this advice is of limited use in practice. The lower temperatures as well as the larger depth of large pools limit women and their infants to the smaller children’s pools. This in turn limits the exercise options young mothers have with their babies.

With the information gained from interviews with a midwife and a young mother, a scenario and a persona was developped.

In “Lillebo”, the infant lies in a hammock secured by a safety belt, keeping it dry at all times. This allows both the mother and the child to enjoy the full swimming experience, regardless of the environment. The safety belt is adjustable up to an age of 10 months. A simple button press converts “Lillebo” to a baby carrier and back. A Keder system allows for simple removal of the hammock for cleaning. “Lillebo” was designed using hygienic PE foam and nylon


Used methods
Strategizer business model canvas / interviews / scenario / persona

Used tools
Solidworks / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator