This is the online portfolio from Tabea Kowalski, an industrial designer based in Zürich, Switzerland.


The social blackboard for your fridge.

The social blackboard for your fridge.
Project in cooperation with Kristian Marjanovic
ZHdK, 2 weeks 2015
Instructors: Susanne Marti, Robert Wettstein
Briefing: A product equipped with sensors.

“Sambo” is a digital blackboard on the door of your fridge. It is the gateway to a social platform that brings together the entire community of your neighbourhood. The actual contents of the fridge can be displayed on a smartphone and can be updated after shopping trips. The sharing element of “Sambo” creates a network with its physical anchor in the most central part of our kitchens. The intimate and familiar social fabric created by “Sambo” counteracts the increasing anonymity in ever-expanding modern cities.

Used methods
persona / user interface design/ user experience survey

Used tools
Adobe Photoshop / iMovie